Embracing the oops

This wasn’t going to be my post. 

I had written another one entitled “Thursday morning counselling- a part of being alive” where I poured my heart and time into narrating my up and down journey with disappointing and amazing counsellors. I gave an illustration of how dealing with past crap is like emptying an old compost bucket and giving it a good scrub.

I paid tribute to those who gently and firmly led me to a counselor when I was very resistant.

I shared the story of how my counselor in Surrey just happened to move to the island at the same time as me and we were able to continue our journey together.

I finished with embracing my new identity as a beloved woman and a daughter of God, embracing my new home in NEW Westminster and jumping into a full life with both feet. 

I quoted an intriguing verse about Jesus offering a permanent  live-in counselor to anyone who asks and smiled with satisfaction at my completed post. 

Then I pushed the wrong button and it all disappeared forever.  I was left staring at my empty bowl of soup trying to grasp what just happened.

Then I thought “you know what? This is life.” Shit, oops, whatever you want to call it happens.  The adventure comes when we decide what we’re going to do with it. 

After a minute of arggh!!

Thank God I can pick up my device and write another story. Thank God it wasn’t my life that disappeared.

Thank God that one of my good friends also had lunch here and came over for a hug and hello.

Thank God that my empty bowl means that there is delicious life giving soup in my tummy and the list goes on….


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