Follow in their footsteps

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was grow up.  

I loved trying on my mom’s wedding dress (which I will wear for real in August)

I imagined a day when I wouldn’t be put to bed at 7:30 (horrible then, sounds kind of nice now.)

When I turned 8 I sat in sermons instead of going to Sunday School (and daydreamed about my adult life)

I loved sitting and listening to my parents having “grown up talks” with their friends

I daydreamed about my career (a figure skater or a movie star or a doctor in cowboy land. Yes, I watched Dr. Quinn) 

I put cotton balls in my first bra (oops too much information!)

Now I am all grown up and my greatest delight is to play with children.  If you find me at a family’s home, chances are I’ll be on the floor with kids more often than having “grown up talk”.

What happened?

I realized that I couldn’t be a figure skater?

Well, yes but more than that.

I  am fascinated by how children see life.

Going for a walk around the block with Calliope Kift takes about half an hour. We look at every leaf on the ground, touch every tree (and yell “touch! Tree!”), we say the colour of every car and, of course, vigilantly look out for doggies, birdies and babies. 

Watching tv with Isaiah Conchie means snuggling under a blanket, smiling at each other, laughing and, at the same time, playing a board game and eating dinner. Once in a while he checks his online shares in the “stock market”. Currently the numbers are in the septillions.  (Hmm.. Befriending this kid could have long term benefits).
When I was little all I wanted to do was be a grown up and have adventures.

Somehow, somewhere I learned how to be a little bit tired and cynical, a little bit hopeless and a little bit bitter.

Now I am learning to follow in the little one’s footsteps and take a nice big drink of life.  I can still cry when I hurt myself or when someone takes my toy away but, I want to quickly return to joy.

One of my favourite Jesus stories is where  children are coming to him and some of the grow ups try to shoo them away. “He’s too busy for you.”  Jesus put the adults straight and opened his arms with delight.  The kids got it right.  I want to be more like them.  They help me be a real “grownup”.

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