Epic Esperanza


“Melody, wake up!”  someone said.  My sister? My mom? I don’t remember.  I do remember that someone woke me up one night between 1990 and 1992 because there was a bear in our house.

Mom was pushing a truck against the kitchen door.  Through the window into the storage room we saw the big black shape.  I was too excited to be scared.

The next day one whole pane glass window panel was leaning against our house as if a handyman had neatly placed it there.  One pane was missing.  I pictured the bear sticking his furry paw through the little square hole and effortlessly pulling the window out.   His goal? Eat our cat food.  Our cats escaped, terrified as they were, but that Superstore brand dry cat food was irresistable.  The bear’s stomach was full of it.

No, the bear wasn’t shot simply because he entered our house.  The next neighbour took his vengance after his motorcycle seat was chewed down to the metal frame.   All of the kids in our community got a biology macro dissection lesson.. except for me.  I hung back too grossed out and a little afraid.   To this day, I shudder at the sight of dead animals.

I am a city/country girl.  Raised in urban East Van and the wild north west coast of Vancouver Island.   I still remember looking at my parents across the dining room table when they announced our move to Esperanza inlet.


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