Building a home

The picture below shows a couch or rather pieces of a couch.  I can picture IKEA employees having a chuckle as they think about inexperienced customers piecing together furniture puzzles. I was picturing throwing on some legs and cushions and voila! But nope, Forest and I will soon become experts in building couch frames.

My friend from the island was visiting when the truckload of furniture pieces arrived.

“Are you excited?!” She asked in a bright voice.  I was too busy calculating the hours of labour to really hear her.

Last week we bought hoses and sprinklers for the first time…. Ever.  It felt like a rite of passage into true adulthood.  As it turned out, Dad’s Reliable sprinklers (a brand name, not Michael Conchie!) covered a far smaller area than was boasted and the expensive Canadian Tire oscillating sprinklers are defective… So they are sitting in the car with the receipt and I will water the grass seeds by hand for now.

A landscaper who was so eager didn’t turn out to be as experienced/professional as I had hoped.

I’m facing the temptation of becoming cynical.  When I was a little girl, I heard adults complain about the weather, politics, prices, crime and I thought

“Oh, I guess that complaining is cool when you’re an adult.”

I remember when I gave my first “constructive” feedback, I felt so smart and sophisticated.  That’s what makes movie critics famous, right? If they give too much praise, they seem to have a bias and aren’t really trustworthy.

I have been told and have realized that I can be naive, a little bit of a softy, focusing too much on the positive, a dreamer etc….

While I am learning discernment and how to deal with some inconvenient realities, I don’t want to lose my wonder.

I want to enjoy the bird songs and meeting neighbours as I gently wave the hose nozzle across the baby grass

I want to get to know Forest better and have an adventure as we build the pieces of our home.

I want to give people a change to prove their excellence and risk being let down.

I want to be thankful and see the treasures in the darkness.

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