Cherry blossoms, hardwood floors and skytrains

I remember waving hello to my imaginary friend reflected in the window of the skytrain. Five years old and off on an adventure with my mom and siblings. I loved listening to the three note melody of the train every time we left a station.

One of our outings was to the New Westminster Quay where a friendly baker greeted us with free cookies. With full tummies, we climbed aboard the play tug boat and became captains of the Fraser River, gripping the wheel and pushing buttons.

I remember welcoming the pink spring show every year on E. 19th Avenue. Branches heavy with elegant blossoms bowed to one another creating a canopy of beauty. Dainty petals fell like confetti covering the sidewalk, cars and Aunt Rose’s head when Sarah shook a branch. 

I remember drawing a blue plastic superstore broom across our honey coloured hard wood floor. My mom was a smart lady and taught us how to do chores when we were young.  Sweeping was one chore I didn’t protest. I let my mind wonder and pictured myself dancing across the smooth floor in the arms of my prince and travelling the world together.

Fast forward 20 some years later, through many houses, cities and towns, many friends, schools, jobs, joys and heartaches…

On 7th Avenue I can hear the rumble of the skytrain nearby. Some days I hop on and take a ride to the New West quay and smile as the familiar melody plays. 

My imaginary friend in the window is replaced with a young woman from China who sat beside me and became a new friend.

My little niece giggles as we board the play tug boat and “sail” down the Fraser River.  The free cookies are gone but gelato is a nice replacement. 

On Sundays Forest and I go for a drive through Vancouver where we are welcomed by the pink canopies of spring.

In my living room I sweep a honey coloured hard wood floor with a blue plastic superstore broom  

 and dance in the arms of my prince.

A little girl’s dreams and hopes are starting to be realized. I am home. 

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