A certain day

June 6 is a significant day in my life. As summer approaches I think about this day.  My first memory is of my highschool prom. My hairdresser curled and put purple flowers in my brown locks.  I found a lovely shimmering $60 dress, my sister did my makeup and a good friend let me be his Cinderella for the evening.

 A few years later I wore my mom’s wedding dress at a princess party and felt truly elegant. Also on that day I went through a very difficult event for me and my loved ones that deeply impacted our lives and will continue to impact us.

On June 6 this year I will audition for and rejoin an amazing choir in downtown Vancouver.  

With that happy event to look forward to and an even happier event in August😊😍 I am ready to put June 6 to rest in my heart and mind. 

I am ready to let go of what lies behind and press onwards to the treasures that are ahead. 

I have learned a lot about pain and hope, beauty and ugliness, brokenness and healing and will continue to learn.

Thank God for turns in the road, hills and valleys, treasures in the darkness and beautiful happy days too. ☀️


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