Inspiring interruptions

The plan was to go to Ikea with Sarah and Callie and have lunch…. Until Callie decided that she needed a nap.  So now I have some quiet moments in the car as my dear niece sleeps and my dear sister shops. 

First of all I want to say thank you. Thank you for reading my blogs. Thank you for encouraging  me and cheering me on.  It is incredibly empowering to take the wild raw material of life and craft it into some sort of statement.

Inspiring interruptions… Forest and I were interrupted from our break neck speed of running through days, kind of trying to be superheros, when Forest’s body informed him that enough was enough.  I had never seen him so tired before. Definitely a wake up call.  So we are slowing down and having moments of solitude and rest and reminding our selves that we are humans and sleep is good.

Last night I was reading a letter from a friend that referred to my “love story” and I realized that I had been running around doing so many things and sending out quick  photos, countdowns and emoticons into cyberspace without really thinking about my love story, my life.  

The Cinderella fairytale has come true! Am I living in it cherishing it? Or focusing on the to do list and the next thing down the road.

What do I appreciate about my love story?  There are so many things but it really boils down to.. Someone really delights in me, someone loves me enough to spend his time and money and heart to pursue me… And he’s not going away.  He’s not perfect, he doesn’t always answer when I call, he doesn’t always understand me or agree with me But he loves me truly with all that he has.

His love for me kind of makes me love myself.. Maybe I am beautiful, maybe I am fascinating, maybe I am precious and worth caring for, maybe it is worth brushing my teeth and flossing every night (after 20+ years it’s still so hard to do)

And maybe my love story is a reflection of the Great Love Story… The suffering King and creator who is always there when I call, who knows how it feels to laugh and delight. Who also bears scars and knows how it feels to be naked and alone and bleeding,

  maybe I need these inspiring interruptions to be still and know that he is God and that He loves me.

Thank you Callie for falling asleep at just the right moment! 

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