I felt the need to change my tag line for this blog.

My original purpose and continued hope in sharing “treasures from the darkness” was to be a voice of encouragement to those who feel like jumping off the road of life.  I wanted to say “hey, I’ve been there. It sucks, let’s journey together. Don’t quit.”

And now I am realizing that the treasures that I want to write about are not coming from the darkness as much anymore.   I have shared much from past struggles and I may again in the future but my heart is so full of joy right now it’s hard to go there.

As I walked home from my sister’s today in the warm breeze and sunshine I thought I’m actually going to be all right and life is going to be good.

I have gotten so used to bracing myself, persevering, finding beauty in the ashes that it feels like unfamiliar territory to have everything going well. 

Now I not naive enough to think that tough days are gone forever. I will be a parent one day 😉

But I feel a shift. Like the mourning season has passed.  The pain has been processed. The scars remain but they are scars not open wounds.

So I changed my tag line to “…with you.” Because I want to see where this blog leads.  Several people have suggested that I write a book. To me that equals climbing Mount Everest… So this blog is kind of like trying out a climbing wall and we’ll see what happens. 

Well, actually even a climbing wall makes my knees tremble a bit so I’m going to start with walking. 

Thanks again for being a part of my journey. 

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