A new journey

I am getting a little tired of writing about myself… as beneficial as it has been for me to share, I want a break from introspection, but I want to keep writing so here’s my idea… To share observations about women in the bible.  Some of you may be cheering, some may be groaning or closing the window…. before you do that,  let me say that this won’t be a typical “bible study” whatever that means to you.  One of my greatest privileges was looking at the bible in a secular university context and hearing ideas from people of all different backgrounds.  I have been in places where I haven’t felt free to really say my responses and reactions to what I read. Rather I think about how I SHOULD respond and what I SHOULD believe. I want to create a space for a genuine, respectful look at these biblical characters with little to no presuppositions. Whatever you think about the bible, please keep reading and respond.

I want to specifically focus on the woman characters, not just because I am one, or because some of my favourite stories are about women, I chose this topic because I just read a kick-ass prayer by a lady named Hannah in the book of 1 Samuel and it was pretty amazing. I thought wow! That’s powerful.  I  have heard many people say that the bible is very anti-femminist, anti-women. Women are portrayed as weak subhumans etc…certainly it was written in a culture where that was a prevalent belief, which inspires me all the more to learn about these characters, what they said, what they loved, what they did and how they overcame crazy obstacles in order love and live. There were awesome feats and everyday challenges…..

I am excited about being stretched and challenged. I know that some of my ideas and beliefs will change and that I will grow. The journey will be all the richer if you come along.

stay tuned…

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