Singing birds and silent nights in Shanghai


If you google image Shanghai it will come up with brightly lit huge glass buildings and the hustle and bustle of a big city with nowhere to escape.  So that is what I was preparing for.  On the last few days before departure I walked around my New West neighbourhood drinking in the sights and smells of flowers, fresh air and trees and braced myself for the grey smog. 

What a pleasant surprise! Forest’s parents live in a condo surrounded by green.  Patches of blue sky poke between the clouds, the fragrance of flowers is in the air and the tropical bird songs remind me of honeymoon in Hawaii.  Mind you, I haven’t been downtown yet.  I will update you on that.  

At night as we slept it was quiet, quiet like Quadra Island.  Quieter than home.  No cars or people or sky trains.  

As Mama Li cooked and I watched NBA with the guys I felt like we could have been at their condo in Burnaby.   You know that cheesy line “home is where the heart is”?  One application of that line is “home is where the Li’s are”.   I am so grateful for the months of getting to know Forest’s parents after they immigrated so that home can now be here.  Here in a city as big as Canada. 

Stay tuned for more adventures in China!

One of my greatest joys here is seeing Forest so happy and relaxed 😊

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