For those of you who have never seen one, this is a squat toilet.  They give your quads a good work out and are actually more sanitary than our comfortable western toilets.  No skin contact. 

I am grateful that I am a girl because at least my stall had a door.  Forest was a little more exposed. 😬

Why on earth am I beginning my post with a picture of a toilet? Well,  because I can.  Being in China is a good excuse 😉

When I went to Xining, China as a student I wrote a creative writing piece on toilets. From the communal trough style to the hole in the middle of a field surround by three very short pink walls.

Toilets can be funny and embarrassing, but they are always very necessary.   Out with the old our bodies say.  Get ready for new food.

This trip to China has been very much out with the old, in with the new.  

During my last trip to the Middle Kingdom I was a brave, perhaps naive, teacher taking on a full time job at a boarding school in charge of teaching english to 50 children ages 5-9. (In 4 different classes)

Without going into too much detail, it didn’t end well.  I flew home early humiliated and broken hearted.  The next five years were spent confronting a lot of brokenness in myself and learning to love a young woman that I didn’t like very much.  

Going back to China was a distant possibility that became a lot more possible when Forest came along.  After sharing my story with him the trip began to materialize, and now here I am sitting on a couch in Shanghai.  It has been wonderful to meet more of Forest’s family and see some epic scenery but the most powerful healing moments here in China happend when visited my school.  I reunited with teachers and students that I love dearly and Forest was there with me holding my hand.  

I no longer feel ashamed, afraid, alone.  

My fears and regrets have been flushed away in a river of grace. 

I will let the pictures say the rest…

Fall 2012

May 2017

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