Random Ramblings on the beach about mental health

What if every time someone broke their arm people thought they were weird and their friends wondered if they could still be their friend.  What if beyond the pain of a broken arm they had to deal with pain of rejection and misunderstanding and meds with bizarre side effects?

What if someone’s brain is broken? My brain was broken.  I am happy to say that my friends stood by me but that is not everyone’s story.  We fear what we do not understand.

Now my brain/heart/soul have had quite a measure of healing.  If my life so far was made into a movie 🎥 the credits would have probably rolled at the wedding or something like that.  

I loved reading my sister’s blog because it’s called the Everafters.  The story continues after the fairy tale. 

So I am figuring out how do I keep healthy?

How do I best contribute to the world?

What if I could somehow transport this beach and the serenity here into my backyard?  I use an essential oil called serenity but it’s not quite the same. 

I love the beach because I can simply observe the beauty all around me without seeing one more weed to pull or plant to water/fertilize/prune/worry about. 

What if I could live in a hotel where someone else makes my bed and does the dishes?

How can I take the bliss of vacation and infuse it into Monday-Friday?

I love the ocean and the sky because they are always changing and always the same.

There are a lot of stories in my heart to tell and songs to sing. 

 But I can’t force creativity.  I can’t put the sky and ocean in a nicely wrapped box. 

What if the first were last and the last were first? What if the sick and lame and widows and orphans and servants were honoured above celebrities?

What if the toilet cleaner at a concert hall got a standing ovation?

What if I pursued my daily chores with as much passion as an Everest mountain climber? Or a missionary doctor?

Somehow cutting off my hair and not being currently employed has given me the courage to step out of my box and start asking what if questions. 

Always different. Always the same. Some fundamentals in my life won’t shift nor should they.  I need a rock to stand on.  But there is also room for a lot of change and innovation.

I am learning that healthy means here today.  The tension between wise planning and spontaneous adventures.

I had the thought of driving to the beach this morning and then the hours slipped by and it was now or never.  So I quickly packed a bag dashed into the car and here I am.  

Perhaps what is healthy for me is to simply be available to experience each day as always different and always the same. 

Ah! Bird songs! Better than any spa relaxation soundtrack.  

Melodies from heaven.

There are a lot of people and groups that I want to serve and advocate for. There are a lot of countries that I want to go to.  A lot of dreams.   Forest’s 9-5 job grounds me and challenges me to be a hero in my own home.  

After watching movies like Wonder Woman don’t you just want to learn how to fly and beat up bad guys while looking super elegant?  I often have a reality crash after movies but then I think about verses like this:

“We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” Romans 8:37

Jesus saying that those who believe in him will do his works and even greater ones! (John 14:12)

Greater than raising Lazarus from the dead? That’s hard to imagine.

I used to try and work really hard to do these greater things and I burned out and my brain got broken and lost some battles.

That John 14:12 verse ends with “because I am going to the Father” and as a result he gave us power and strength through His Spirit.

The Spirit is like the wind you don’t know where it has come from or where it is going. (John 3:7)

So I am going to let out my sail and be ready for gentle rides and wild rides. 

For me being healthy does not mean being sure of tomorrow but being ready for today. 

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