Raking Treasure

Time to celebrate.

My wedding ring has been found.


The air was fresh, the path was covered. Time to rake the leaves. Earlier in the day I had been talking with Mom about doubts that I have about God’s love. Does he really love everyone he made? Will everyone  have a chance to hear about him and follow somehow? If someone loses their way will He search for them until he finds them?

Can I trust that? And be okay with the mystery?

Okay I suddenly jumped deep into philosophy.  Back to the celebration of the ring.

I have been working on gaining the weight lost from braces and food sensitivities (gluten and dairy are very handy for keeping the weight on) and in the winter time my fingers tend to shrink…

So just after I was looking at the leaves of all shapes and colours and sizes and asking God “if these leaves were people would they really all be precious to you?”  I noticed that I only had one ring on my finger.

The sapphire engagment ring glimmered reassuringly  but the simple little gold band saying that I was married was gone.

And suddenly I knew that I would go through the dozens, maybe hundreds of leaves piled around me one by one until I found the ring.  As long as it took. It is precious.


(There were more leaves than shown in this picture).

“For God so loved the world…” John 3:16 says. Not God so loved a certain people group. The world.  The leaves in all their different colours shapes and sizes.

“that he gave his only son” someone so precious to him, someone whose birth was announced by angels and his baptism was praised by a voice in the sky and thunder. His precious ring. (ahh, thinking of Lord of the Rings but no, God is not like Smeegle).

That whoever believes in him will not die but have eternal life.”

Leaves are bright, colourful and beautiful but they are here today and gone tomorrow.

“All people are grass, and their beauty is like the flower of the field…” I can feel that in my life.  Even at the young age of 33 I realize, shocked, that at least 1/3 of my life is past.

But God looked at those transient leaf/grass like people and said “I love them!” And he gave his precious son for me, for you.

“the grass withers and the flowers fades, But the word of our God stands forever.” (Isaiah 60:6,8)

The word that says you are loved, you are precious, come to him and receive life now and forever.

God gave Jesus up to live on earth and be killed. To receive on his shoulders all the darkness of hatred towards God and man.

God received Jesus back again when he rose from the dead.

And I hold my precious ring in my hand again.  As I raked through one pile of leaves I heard a distinct ping! It took several more minutes of sorting through leaves until I found it on the side of the walk almost in the hedge.


You may notice the word “branches” on the ring. Forest engraved “We are his branches” on my ring and in his ring he had engraved “in my heart there rings a melody”… ( I know, too sweet)

My deepest hope in writing this blog is that somehow I may be one Jesus’ branches of love to you. Not condemnation,  hypocrisy or indifference but love.  Because you are precious in his sight.

This post is perhaps more bold and perhaps more confusing than others.  I made an agreement with myself to be authentic to what is on my heart at the cost of being weird etc… and I also endeavour to and value being respectful of different views.

Always love to hear your feedback.

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