A Grimston Tale

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“We fought for this park!” My neighbour’s eyes were on fire as we stood by the willow tree.  I could see the “little wooden castle” that my niece and I love climbing into.  We sit on the benches and watch the skytrain roar past carrying all of the daddies and husbands to work.

Or sometimes we perch on the blue Christmas tree that spins and entertains every day of the year.


In the summertime,  the air is filled with screams of laughter as children plunge into the very cold waters of the wading pool.  For me, it has to be a very hot day to step into the unheated liquid but for kids, it’s perfect.   A torrent of h20 pours out of the blue fire hydrant until the plug is pulled for the day.


Even when the pool is not full of water there is fun to be had.  I run with my niece along the white painted lines and wonder where the water goes..


here’s a clue…


If things had been different we may have been asking “where did the park go?”

It was a tempting site for the new middle school.  Close to the Elementary campus, lots of land, quiet street.  Plans went ahead until the neighbours raised their voices.  No Grimston would be grim indeed. (sorry, couldn’t resist).

I am glad that I could just hear the story afterwards and not be caught in the throes.  I can see both perspectives and validate each side.  We need schools and we need parks.

This is not the first park rescue story that I have heard.  A home support client in Comox often proudly recalled how she saved MacDonald wood park from development demolition.  In this case also, I was not present for the battle but I reaped from the result.  MacDonald park was a great solace on a stressful day.

Thinking about the many things that older generations have fought for that I now enjoy.



Thinking about the fact that I don’t go to the park often enough.  There it is and here I sit.

Every day I need to fight for the “parks” in my life.  Those places and spaces for reflection and play.  Those things that don’t bring money but do bring peace.  Where the little children and the broken hearted and the castaways are welcome.

Where the mountains burst into a song and dance,  the trees applaud and we go out with joy. (Isaiah 55:12).

Where you know how very much you are loved.




2 thoughts on “A Grimston Tale”

  1. Ah, Grimston Park. My 14 yr. old self volunteered there all summer for Parks and Rec one year. Crafts, games, getting wet, partnering with a friend who I had a bit of a crush on. And I just walked thru McDonald Wood Park this morning- refreshing and beautiful. Lovely reflections.

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