Merry Christmas from a Fourth Grader


There are many things I could write about in this season…

The epic production of Handel’s Messiah at the Vancouver Playhouse that ended with 4 curtain calls and an almost five minute standing ovation.  I could talk about the genius of Handel putting pure scripture into a moving musical or  how strange it felt to sense so much passion in the music and also so much reservation.  Any move or noise brought a glare from the audience member in front of me.

I could talk about how Jesus historically could not have been born in “the bleak mid winter” because the shepherds would not their sheep out in the fields and the Roman government probably wouldn’t have issued a nation wide census during the winter months.


I could talk about how the Catholic church took secular holidays and made them Catholic mixed with ancient Celtic roots and thus open the debate of how should we celebrate Christmas and should we celebrate at all?

I could rant about the draw and danger of commercialism and the stress and pleasure of gift buying.. is it worth it? How much money to spend? How many dishes for dinner?

To do Santa or not to do Santa?

Or about how it doesn’t matter what the roots of the holiday are, we just need to have peace, love and joy are in the midst of mass shootings and other dark events…

But honestly, sometimes I grow weary of being an adult and explaining, theorizing and trying to make sense of it all.  So I will let the 9 year old Melody share her sentiments.

As a little girl creative writing was my safe space.  Math and talking to other kids was a struggle but on the page I could let my imagination soar.  There were no red x’s or teasing banter.  Just words on a page of my choosing about all of the wonders of this holiday we call Christmas.  A holiday shaped by out environment, history, tradition, music, the people that we love and, I believe, a loving Jesus who doesn’t care if we celebrate his birthday at the exact right time.

Whatever your celebrations include this month may your heart be merry and your mind peaceful and your time treasured.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

Without further adieu, here are the poems..


Christmas Colours

Christmas is such a delight. Snow on the ground all through the day and night.

Christmas lights what a sight, seeing the colours of blue so bright.

Christmas is such an enjoying time

Green, red, yellow and white


Christ is Born

Christmas, Christmas Christ is born,

In the manger, no crying he makes as Mary cradles him to sleep.

The animals watch with their eyes so closely.

As the shepherds watch their sheep a light shines

of an angle to tell good news about Christ.

They hurry as fast as they can to see.


Christ is born

Holly trees


Ice is in Christmas

Snow is cold

Terrific baby

Messiah has come

A bright star

Stockings are fun


What should I Give Him

It is Jesus’ birthday, what should I give him?

Should I give him my bird? Should I give him my family?

Should I give him my house or my hamster?

Should I give him my dog? I know what to give him…

my heart.


What is the real meaning of Christmas

Christmas is great. You can hear the fire crackling in the fireplace. Reaching into the stockings and pulling out candy treasures from them.

You should remember the real meaning of Christmas. It is the birth of Jesus. Christmas is nice but think of the real meaning of Christmas.


(I love in this drawing how Joseph is standing on guard but leaning slightly away from the glowing baby… “ummm, I’m not too sure about this Mary.”)


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….



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