Thanksgiving Practice

Sitting here feeling tempted to feel sorry for myself. The wait list for my jaw surgery is long. The feeling of limbo continues. That audacious hope of having a baby this year dwindles.

I shed my tears. I lamented to my husband and family and now I sit looking out the window with the decision of what my day will look like.

Several people have spoken to me about good things this year, surprises, good plans from God. It is a battle to embrace that.

So here is my thanksgiving fight.

I am thankful for climbing trees with Callie and how she invites me to be both mother like and child like all at once.

I am thankful for Forest who sent me a song that had been in his head. He is one who stands at my side and walks close to me

I am thankful for my Mom and sister-in-law on their way over here to read words of life, laugh, pray, sing,  eat and love with me.

I am thankful for my teaching work where I can drop in and save the day with my great TOC skills.

I am grateful for my neighbour that I saw on the sidewalk who listened to me with her whole heart.

I am thankful for Freedom Session where Forest, me and many others are shedding the chains of past wounds and learning how to care for our hearts.

I am grateful for rainy days where I can feel cold and blue and then find cozy warmth.

I am thankful for nephew Isaiah who depicted Forest to a “T”. (See white board) and of course the little blonde photo bomber.

I am grateful to live in a multicultural city with food from all over the world and an amazing First Nations restaurant called “Salmon ‘n Bannock”. Highly recommend.

I am grateful for my nephew Sylvester and grateful that my in-laws will be very loving grandparents when their turn comes.

I am grateful that I always look forward to seeing my Chinese parents because they are full of joy and make really good food.

I am grateful for travel and time and space to fill with New and creative adventures.

I am grateful for the baby room and the courage to hope.

I am grateful for the Wise One who does everything in perfect timing.

I am thankful for you who read my ponderings and greatly encourage me.

(FYI: I am taking a break from scrolling through Facebook for this month so if you do want to reach me sooner you can comment directly on this site or send me a message)

I am grateful for an army of people, too many to count, surrounding Forest and me with love and stories of victory.

The cool thing about thankfulness is that I am beginning to feel better. ❤️

I may not know all that God has for me but I know this: “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 NIV

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