Sitting here with a sleeping nephew sprawled across my body so it’s good time to share some photos from Family Day at the quay.

First time at the New Westminster museum and this is what caught my eye.

So elegant! And red! Perhaps back then people dreamed of faster transportation and did not consider horse and buggies to be very romantic and maybe after a few hours in the hot sun I would long for my SUV too. I think I like the simplicity. It was a vehicle. Plain and simple. If something broke you would see it right away and it would mean hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix the brakes. I know people name their cars and have affection for them (I named my cars too) but it’s something else to have real live breathing, heart beating horses carry you around.

How about this one?

A model T Ford. The horseless carriage. The owner kept it going well into the 60s because he couldn’t figure out automatic transmission. After putting his foot on the brake and gas at the same time he decided to stick with his faithful model T.

Forest and I have chatted about Teslas and I used to be excited about new cars but there’s only so much pizzazz that can impress. Looking back I see dignity.

The Samson V paddle wheeler river boat. Once a queen of the Fraser. Tiny bedrooms, even tinier bathroom, fully equipped kitchen. Life on the river.

It is humbling and refreshing to look at the accomplishments of history.

The new and young are standing on someone’s shoulders. Thank God for legacies. For the wisdom of Seniors. For ancient cedars in the forest.

I have often said that I won’t dye my heart when it turns white. I love the silver shine.

“Gray hair is like a crown of glory; it is attained in the path of righteousness.”

Proverbs 16:31

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