The Nanny?!


I dreamed about the show the Nanny for a long time last night. I haven’t watched it since my tweens back in the ’90s with my sister.  It’s wasn’t really approved viewing by my mom but somehow we managed to get a few episodes in.  Mom was right to be concerned what with some of the dress, jokes and conduct of the characters.  So why was I dreaming about it?  By today’s standards the content is tame to say the least, don’t even get me started on that rant, but still not something I want in my night visions.

Once I got beyond all the kisses and short skirts in my mind there emerged a story line that is actually pretty golden.  Fran was a person who was down and out “on her fanny” as the opening song says.  As she was peddling makeup she happened to knock on the right door and was hired as a nanny for a widower’s kids. Thus begins the drama. Fran is welcomed into the family first as an employee and formally referred to as “Miss Fine.” Later, much later, five seasons later, she is embraced as a wife and mother (oops spoiler!)  despite the protests of the dude’s properly dressed but cold hearted coworker C.C.

As I lay awake at 6:30 this morning with the sun streaming in the window I had to ponder, where would I be in the story?  Would I welcome Fran? Or would I be like C.C. (Chastity Claire) who has all the right speech and clothes but drips with arrogance and cruelty all covering up insecurity and fear.

Jesus often, very often, offended the “proper” people by hanging out and eating with the “down-and-outers” of the day.  To be pure in the eyes of the offended had nothing to do with the heart.  It was all about their reputation.

In the famous story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15) it is the older, hardworking, proper son who ends up being in the wrong instead of the younger son who left home and squandered everything.  When the younger son came back his brother wouldn’t accept him and was angry.

I wonder why churches are full of people who dress well and don’t swear while those who are yearning for community are left out on the street? Will I welcome the Frans who come to my door? Will my church welcome them?

I now have to resist the urge to binge watch the Nanny on Youtube for the rest of the day. Lol. Good thing it’s sunny.   I probably won’t go back to my tween days but I will remember the lesson of my dream.

Next posts will be all about our upcoming trip to Niagara Falls, Toronto and New York.  Stay tuned…..

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