Ode to beautiful butterflies

It seems weird to write about butterflies in Ontario when my mind is full of New York… but they are so elegant and lovely

and they deserve some spotlight.

It think the place was called a butterfly observatory or something like that a ten minute bus ride from Niagara Falls.

Warm, sweet air

Sweeter tropical flowers

Gentle silent floating fluttering wings

Myriad of colours

Humble caterpillars rise to glory

Have you seen a blue so pretty?

That is all the photos I have to show.

I was so in awe I had to just use my eyes you know.

Actually it was because the butterflies kept moving so I got a lot of blurry shots.

Hope this gave you a tiny glimpse of these wondrous creatures.

For more observances I hope you will find in the park or your very own yard.

A butterfly’s transformation and gentle profound beauty is a reminder that to be mighty you don’t have to be big or loud.

Just spread your wings and you will be found.

Sorry if that was cheesy. I just got back from a Broadway musical and feeling a little dramatic.

Thanks for reading!

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