A fishy story and a bird’s eye view…

I wish I actually had a fishy suspicious story to tell but it is a cute title for our trip to Ripley’s aquarium of Canada in Toronto.

I did have white sharks swimming over my head with a piece of glass between us.

That’s the closest I ever want to get to those guys!

This guy looked a little friendlier.

This guy just looked weird.

Sardines anyone?

I think the coolest creature was this one:

A feather pen fish, which actually isn’t one fish but a colony of many, I think hundreds of animals.

Under the sea is kind of like outer space. You need special equipment to survive and there is so much yet to discover. Most importantly, we need to treat it with respect.

These colourful pipes are the life lines to the tanks and manage all of the filtration, temperature and ph/oxygen levels.

Makes me think of my baby’s umbilical cord 😉

From fishy story to bird’s eye view….

Actually the other way around, we went up the CN tower first.


When we got up to the sky dome I could feel my ears popping. There is something majestic about tall buildings in a city by the lake. A different feeling from Niagara Falls. Feeling the life and bustle of all the people in those buildings. Grand and majestic and at the same time small in the grand scheme of things.

From bird’s eye view to bird song. Ward’s Island. Ten minutes on a ferry changed everything. Our hearts beat a little more slowly. Our lungs breathed air that was a little fresher and the song of birds filled our ears from the nearby bird sanctuary.


The city so close and so far. Feet in the sand. Cute little cottages. Throwback to Quadra. An ideal place to live for country living with nearby urban convenience. Again the city looked beautiful and appealing from a distance.

My island girl heart was happy.

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