In the world of art

My uncle and aunt treated us to a trip to the Art Gallery of Ontario. You know the saying “never a tourist in your own city”… I grew up in Vancouver and have never been to the Vancouver Art Gallery. Now I am inspired.

Raw and real African masterpieces of my favourite subject. Something very relevant right now as I continue to feel tickles in my tummy and Baby Li makes his/her presence known.

Still waiting for my bump and outie belly button. I actually saw a woman in New York today with a blouse open at the belly and she looked a lot like this sculpture.

I don’t think I will have the courage to bear mine but she did look beautiful.

As wonderful and soothing as baby wearing is the little ones will still have tears from time to time.

More favourites came from Krieghoff in Europe. Akin in my mind to Norman Rockwell a century later. Beauty of nature and community.

Kathe Kollwitz also had a love for community and especially children.

I took photos of the hopeful art while my heart was broken by her tragic pieces portraying child death, mother death and poverty. Something Kathe saw too much of in her German nation.

My trip up to this point was quite light and cheery. On a rainy day in New York Forest and I went to a museum about the Holocaust and the 9/11 museum. I heard and saw many stories of injustice and death. Today we went to Ellis Island. The gateway for US immigration for much of the 20th century. Stories of hope and stories of hope lost, illness from being crammed in a boat and families separated because one member was accepted and another was not. In light of all this history, I keep Kathe’s sculpture in mind. No matter what we can “Rest in the Peace of His Hands.”

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