On Broadway!

Going to Broadway was near the top of my to do list in New York and it didn’t let me down. There are actually about 50 Broadway theatres and here’s a big 💰 saving tip: if you go to a booth called TKTS. You can go see a same day show for up to 50% off. We got amazing seats because that opened up at the last minute.

Our theatre was called Winter Garden and it was right beside Times Square. That’s when I really felt like I was in New York.

Modern day digital Commercialism extravaganza.

Walking into the theatre felt like stepping into a time machine.

I said to our friend John, “you would get a terrible view of the stage from those box seats. Isn’t that where the rich people sat?”

“They didn’t go to the theatre to see but to be seen” he replied. “In Shakespeare time there were boxes above and behind the stage for royalty. They couldn’t see anything but everyone could see them.”

Personally, I would rather have a good view. And most people feel the same. You can now get a box seat for a very discounted price.

You may have seen the movie School of Rock with Jack Black. I haven’t and I am glad that I didn’t have anything to compare the show with.

The first we heard was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s voice over the loud speaker assuring us that yes, the children really do play live music. The need for the assurance became evident when we saw these kids no older than 12 sing and play their hearts out with astounding excellence.

The very first scene of the show was of an adult rock band trying very hard to be sexy. The lead singer tugged in his pants, looked into the eyes of the front row audience and crooned “I’m too hot for you….” oh no! What kind of show is this going to be? Kid friendly?!

Those moments faded though into a meaningful story about music, education and how much kids long to be heard and cherished for who they are. A good lesson for an Aunty, teacher and Mom-to-be.

I am not in full support of the “stick to the man” mantra against all authority. I am in support of giving kids the resources and words that they need to flourish. There was a very touching scene where the parents really saw their children for the first time and gave the love that was desperately craved.

Live theatre 🎭 is incredible. There are no masks. No cuts or second takes. From my 5th row seat I could see the sweat rolling down the actor’s faces. If I wanted to make a scene I could have run up to the stage and done that. Apparently a guy caused a scene once by trying to charge his phone on stage during the intermission. He didn’t realize that the outlet was just part of the set.

I stayed in my seat like a good girl and became a part of the musical world onstage. When we applauded they heard it. The show ended with a live rock concert where the lead actor asked, “How are you doing Tuesday night?! You’re pretty quiet. Make some noise!”

When we gave a standing ovation and the actors held hands and bowed I could see the glee on the kids’ faces. I thought of my dance loving charismatic fearless niece. Perhaps she will find herself on a stage one day.

I think when movies first came out they did curtain calls. At premieres anyway. Maybe they still do at premieres. I think about those kid actors and how they may have a better chance of living a decent life as live theatre stars instead of movie child stars.

The human connection with the actors was so compelling to me. Seeing their sweat. Seeing their work and being able to cheer them on.

I had a big wake up call after Robin Williams committed suicide. I had seen and enjoyed many of his movies, spent hours being entertained by him but I never thought about him as a person. Never prayed for him.

I guess that’s one of the reasons why I don’t watch movies with bedroom scenes.

If I don’t want to see it live (imagine paying two people to come and have sex in your living room while you watch) I don’t want to see it at all. The only difference is a video camera.

Not sure when I will be back to Broadway or New York but looking forward to more live theatre opportunities!

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