Sunny Days in NYC-travelogue finale

There is a propensity and an attraction in story telling for the deep, the dark and the tragic. I have told my own dark stories and shed tears for others but sometimes it’s nice to just celebrate the sunshine and good times too.

Even this good time was a little bloody though. If you look closely that piece of tissue in Forest’s nose is stopping his nose bleed from dehydration. It was a very hot day. Our rainy museum day was below 10 degrees Celsius and one day later the temp shot up to almost 30. Forget Spring! Bring on summer!

One thing on our list was to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

We started in Brooklyn at a rooftop cafe

Brooklyn was kind of like Commercial Drive meets Yaletown. Very colourful and hipster.

Even the cathedrals were a more

colourful version of their grey stone

counterparts in Manhattan.

The first part of the bridge was over a highway. It was hot, really hot, made even hotter by the traffic below us.

Uh, was this a good idea? Can we do this? Why is it so popular?

Then we reached the river. The breeze was so delicious and so purely delightful it was like stepping into another world.

That lovely lady is Jen. A friend from our church back home who just happened to be vacationing in Toronto and NY at the same time as us. It was nice to see a familiar face.

Even the subway station in Brooklyn had some interesting quirks.

Crossing the bridge in the end was our favourite tourist activity: it was free, we accomplished something, we passed from hellish heat to heavenly breeze, saw some

great architecture, panoramic view of the NYC and we did it all with a friend.

Another free sunny happy activity was this:

Our friends in New York recently had a baby so we got hands on practice with this sweet little girl.

Right now I am sitting at my dining room table looking out the window at rose buds.

And I still can’t quite believe that I am pregnant. One of the deepest desires of my heart is unfolding before me ready to bloom like those roses.

Along with such a deep desire comes the fear of losing it. So many “what if’s” so many friends and strangers stories of miscarriages dancing around in my head.

There is a part of my personality, my mental make-up and my life history that persuades me to dwell in tragedy land. To think of death and loss more than life. To always expect the worst case scenario.

So that is why I look at rosebuds and write about the Brooklyn Bridge. And just be thankful. There is kicking squirming beautiful life inside of me and even though it’s scary I choose to hope for the best and leave the worst case scenarios in their proper place. And trust that God will give me the strength for whatever crosses my path.

A toast to life forevermore!

oh yes, we did hear some great Brooklyn accents too 😉.

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