My D-Day

June 6, 1944. The day that the allies invaded Normandy and began liberating Europe from a reign of terror. I wish that liberation could have happened or did happen by means other than war but history is what it is.

June 6, 2004. The day that someone tried to rob me of feeling safe and joyful in life through an act of terror.

I commemorate June 6 as a day of victory.

I celebrate the fact that I am in love and married and that my body is able to carry new life.

I celebrate the fact that I am free to walk on my own and not be afraid.

I celebrate the hard work of counselling and processing and prayer ministry and love that has healed and is still healing my heart.

I stand in solidarity with women and men, girls and boys who have been abused and are on their own healing journey.

I stand in hope that there truly will be a D Day in the world of sexual assault, trafficking, abuse, slavery, genocide etc.. that people’s bodies and hearts will be honoured and respected and that all of that suffering will be a memory.

Oh God, let it be so. Come, Lord Jesus.

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