Good bye Facebook

My Facebook photos date back to 2007.  I was a college student and this newly discovered technology did wonders for networking.  It brought me through many hard nights when I couldn’t sleep, helped me connect with friends and family that I would not otherwise connect with, got me a ride from Courteney to Nanaimo with an old school friend that I hadn’t seen for 5 years and it was a non scary way for Forest, my husband,  to ask me out on a first date.

But I am concerned that as a bride about ready to walk down the aisle that Facebook was my last request as a single lady. “Do you want to pray?” My sister asked, “No, I want to check Facebook”.  So there I was in a plastic chair decked out in my dress and veil staring at my phone…

My daughter is crying and I am saying “wait just let me finish posting this cute picture of you…”

So I deleted my account.. it is a scary step. My blog readership goes from 40-100 to 2 or 3.   There some great mom’s groups, birth announcements, wedding announcements…

But I would rather spend more face to face time with people who really want to connect and not just hit like.  During special once in a lifetime moments I don’t want to be sitting in a plastic chair staring at my phone or imagining what caption I will post with my photo.

I am not saying Facebook is bad. It has added a lot of richness to my life.  But I am hungering for something different, more genuine… being able to simply enjoy a sunset or a birthday party.

I may go back one day, but for now I am looking forward to a different kind of year and lots of snuggles with my daughter.

Happy New Year to you dear reader.

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