Every day Stuff for baby and me

Before my daughter was born there were so many products claiming to be have-tos. It was overwhelming.  What was really needed for every day?

This post isn’t my usual style of life lessons, scripture and metaphors but I thought it may be useful for new parents and those who want to give gifts to new parents.

I will intentionally avoid using brand names in order to avoid bias and advertising.  This is by no-means an exhaustive list.  I don’t include diapers, wipes etc…  And what works for me may not work for you.  Use your discernment. 😀

1. Carrier or wrap- taking my baby out for walks while wearing her keeps me sane. She usually sleeps so I can get my errands done or just enjoy the fresh air. I don’t have to worry about narrow doorways or bumpy cracks in the sidewalk.  Sometimes I can even nurse in the carrier and thus eat a meal with 2 hands! My husband takes baby out for walks and I can nap. Glorious!  Baby strengthens her neck and core muscles and gets easy cuddles. I am glad we did not spend a lot on our stroller because it is sitting unused in the basement.

2.  Hat with strings- the only hat that stays on her head!

3. Warm sleepers- so the Chinese grandparents don’t get upset about her being cold.

4. Many onesies and sleepers- poop, pee, spit up etc… requires many changes.  Also many receiving blankets- we put ours on our change table because our daughter loves to pee after we have taken her diaper off.  A blanket is easier to wash and replace than a change table cover.

4. (Sorry, somehow there are 2 number 4s.) Organic edible nipple butter- if breastfeeding.  In the early weeks I used this several times a day for my very sensitive skin.

5. Baby probiotics and vitamin D drops

-The probiotics seemed to help my daughter get out of painful gas.  It is hard to know the results of vitamin D but every single health scare provider asks if I have it.   Probably don’t need it if you’re living in California.

6. yoga/exercise ball -great for bouncing baby and strengthening your core at the same time.

7.  Non-drip water bottle.  So you can stay hydrated while lying down.

8. Coconut water- as my ESL husband says, “you need your electrical-lites!”

9.  Play mat- great for tummy time and chilling on the floor.  Tummy time tip: my baby has way more fun doing tummy time with her diaper off! Just put a towel underneath!

10. High protein snacks within arms reach

11. A list of friends to talk to during long rainy days inside

12.  Bouncy chair or another safe movable surface for baby to be. I use mine  when I am in the shower so baby and I can see each other through the glass door. She is happy and I can enjoy long showers.

13. Story books to read to your baby that are also interesting for you.

14. Musical instrument (not needed but fun) My baby loves it when I play the piano with her feet.

15. Memory book- another not needed but when I am tired and frustrated with lack of sleep etc.. it is therapeutic to write down happy baby memories and the book may be a treasure for years to come.

16. Nursing tank tops- more comfortable than a bra and can be worn under any shirt.

17. Warm pyjamas for during the night feedings.

18. Keep those maternity pants! Your belly may not snap back to pre preggo right away or ever.  I still can’t fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans.

18.  A helpful partner(s) – whether you are a single parent or a couple, you can’t do it alone! May a loving village surround you.

19. I almost forgot- baby nail clippers! Kitty has claws and they need to be cut at least once a week.  Our daughter was born with long sharp nails and she immediately began scratching her face and later on my breasts-ouch!  This task is best done with two people.  One person feeds or distracts the baby while the other person clips.  My husband is way more meticulous than me and he does a great job.

Things I have but haven’t used:

1. Breast pads- I only leak at night and not very often.  Wish I had waited.

2. Stroller- well, I used it twice and I will probably use it when she is older but I am glad I didn’t spend $1500.

3. Stuffed animals.  These are very popular gifts but a child usually only has a few favourites.  Another thing she will probably like later but isn’t needed now.

4. Baby bath. She prefers to bath with us in the big tub but actually I just started using the baby bath as a chair because she loves sitting in fully clothed with no water.  Just goes to show things can be multi-purpose!

5. Baby monitor- I sleep with baby while she sleeps or at least rest with her so we haven’t used our monitor yet.  Nap as much as you can with your baby!

I think that is all! Hope this is helpful!


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