New life

Reading the news can be depressing is an understatement.  Scandals, murders etc..

Today, when I looked up from my phone and into my daughters smiling face,  I felt the most relief and gratefulness so far.

When she was a screaming extremely vulnerable newborn and I got messages asking “are you adoring motherhood? Are you head over heels in love?”  And neighbours calling out to me as I walked by,  “it goes by too fast! Enjoy every minute!”  I felt guilty.  Because most of the time I just felt exhausted and terrified that I would screw up my daughter’s life somehow.

But today was different.  Today I looked at my daughter not as a new responsibility or the person who breaks up my sleep and intimacy with hubby.

Today I see her as a brand new life. A life that doesn’t know about politics or violence or poverty.   A little girl that smiles and giggles at flowers and people.

When she is sad or angry she cries.  She is not afraid of her emotions.  She doesn’t try to hide them or explain them away.

A child who knows when to lay down her head to rest and trust the arms that are carrying her.

A little girl who takes me away from the news which I most often can’t do anything about,  and into the sunshine and grass and blue sky.

She makes my world a smaller and better place.

Thank you Jesus for telling us to learn from children for they have many lessons for us.


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