A letter from the past

Four 25 year olds sat in a circle, friends since we were littles,  paper and pen in hand.  “When should we read these letters? When we’re 30?”  “No, that’s too soon! 35!”  Surely by then, all of our dreams will have come true.

And so we wrote and the most sensible of us, the gal who could be trusted not to peek or lose the treasure, tucked the envelope  “To be opened in 2019…” safely away. On that November night the year before twenty-ten,  2019 felt like a century away.

Somehow 2019 happened and yesterday the letters were opened in a beautiful dining room with three babies and a two year old.

Some dreams were realized, some are yet to come (I still want to go to South America!) and some dreams, like me going skydiving, should have happened when I was younger and more adventurous.

Will we travel in outer space? Will we have flying cars?  I was a little tongue-in-cheek as I wrote that, spoofing the futuristic Archie comics where everyone is wearing spandex and their hair looks like they just went through a tornado.  But I never imagined that we would have cars that could drive themselves or that I would be living in a city and not on my beloved Vancouver Island.  I never dreamed that I would spend several weeks in the Psychiatric ward figuring out how to heal and love my fragile mind.   I never dreamed that I would actually be able to avoid dating several guys and that my first date would be a real live ball like in Cinderella.

I never dreamed that my first baby would be a girl. Ever since my six year old daydreams, I always imagined having a boy first. I am glad I was wrong!

I did hope and imagine that the four of us once 25, now 35 year olds, would remain friends. That we would be able to laugh, cry, tell stories, listen and pray.  This post is a tribute to those beloved ladies who have seen me at my very best and very worst, and who love me unconditionally.

We call ourselves the bible buddies. A name coined from our after-church-service gatherings as tween girls,  studying the bible while boys threw acorns at us.  I took those times for granted then but am so grateful now for the foundation that was laid as we leaned against the foundation of that grand now century old building.

Sure, there are times when I have compared myself to these friends, been envious or mad but our roots go deep binding us together to the One who created us uniquely and who cares for us perfectly.

Cheers to the next ten years of triumphs and trials and faithfulness through it all.

IMG_0840 2

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