Spontaneous delights

When I see an acquaintance in the mall food court and ask “may I join you?” Instead of just waving and smiling.

When I drop into my sister’s place because I happen to be in the neighbourhood and I don’t have my phone to text first to see if it’s okay.

When I find myself at the park on a nice spring evening watching Elaina sleep  in her stroller instead of the usual bedtime routine.

Something in me finds these hard.  What if the conversation at the mall is awkward? What if my niece’s bedtime routine is thwarted by my visit? What if it is not a pleasant evening at the park?

As it turned out. Everything was fine.

An acquaintance became a friend. My niece was delighted to see me and  fell asleep afterwards. Elaina is enjoying bedtime with nature’s lullaby.

Spontaneous delights are good for the soul.

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