Island girlz

My daughter squealed in delight when she peeled out the ferry window…. days later perched in the Comox sand she was in utter bliss.  The only two times my little girl is silent is when she is sleeping or very content.

I haven’t been back to Comox for four years which felt like forever  But wandering the quiet  streets that I drove, bused, biked, ran and walked for a decade made my 20’s school life feel like yesterday.

I waited four years to return so that my roots could settle in mainland soil again… and they have started dig deep into New Westminster’s treasures.  I no longer feel pangs of homesickness and doubt- the city is where I belong for now.

But part of my heart will always be Comox Valley/ Island girl.  Something about that warm seaweed breeze.  Beaches with crabs instead of concession stands.  The ocean a 5-15 minute drive from anywhere.  A relaxed after church potluck in a beautiful garden yard.  Roads with no sidewalks where deer and pedestrians can roam without (too much) fear of being hit.  Free parking downtown and on my old college campus. Friends hosting with elaborate grace.

Judging by my daughter’s happiness she just may be an island girl too.  Will be back next summer for sure.


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