Listening in the rain

I knew it would happen… I live in the BC rain forest after all. Yesterday the time came when I had to deliver 100 newspapers in the rain. And just to make it more interesting there were extra flyers.

But I am not going to complain because when I came home after a couple hours, dripping and tired, I felt alive, exhilarated and deeply grateful.

To be honest, I am writing this because in the middle of my route I did not feel alive or grateful. I felt like reaching into my soaked poncho for my phone to call and quit and slosh home. So this is encouragement just in case it is raining next Thursday…

# 1 Forced cardio- I say forced because I would never say “I am going to walk around my neighbourhood up and down hills and stairs every week rain or shine to exercise.”

Even if I did make it to gym I wouldn’t stay for 2 hours. I need a purpose beyond getting fit. But wow once the blood and endorphins get pumping… woo! Nothing like it.

# 2- podcasts- I can listen to two-three episodes without interruption! I can listen with 2 ears and have the brain space to process. That is a mama miracle.

#3- Pretty houses and gardens.

#4- grateful neighbours. We have been missing a paper carrier for a while. It is nice to be greeted with joy.

#5 hard work with bad pay. Ummm…. that’s a good thing? Yes, because it cultivates gratefulness and compassion for those who depend on low pay every day to survive. On a global scale I think of the people who made my iPhone and my clothes. It is the nudge of reality that I need to be content.

#6 It is finished. Some things like dishes, diapers and housecleaning are never done. With the paper route though I can pull my empty wagon home, sit down with my daughter who missed her mama’s milk and have the satisfaction of a job done.

#7- Money to play with. It has been humbling not to receive a pay check for the last two years. I know Forest’s money is our money but it’s still nice to bring something in… to donate to a worthy cause or grab a coffee or buy something practical.

Nice! I didn’t think I could think of 7 pros. Thanks for helping this paper girl count her blessings.

ps. My first Acts reflection is up and running! Go to menu then Acts and the letters.

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