Matthew’s sweater

In my post the Gift I told the story of my little brother Matthew, and his short time with us.

Today my little Elaina is cozy in his bright blue green squirrel sweater.

Something about seeing the sweater on a very alive and healthy little one brings healing. It helps me remember Matthew as a happy toddler. My memories of his death are so powerful it takes a bright sweater on a bright little girl to remind me of life.

November 2 will have been his 30th birthday. I want to do something special as his big sister but I don’t know what yet.

Maybe simply celebrating the gift of life in my little girl is enough. The time she climbed all the way up the basement stairs unbeknownst to us without falling. Every time she goes to sleep and wakes up again. Every little toothy grin.

And how adorable she looks in this sweater… 😀

Thank you God for life and sweaters and the promise of everlasting life with You.

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