Family Day- A treatment for the Winter blues

Happy Family Day to my fellow Canadians!

I have to confess that when Christy Clark first announced this holiday in BC I scoffed. Don’t we already have enough holidays? People just want to take more time off of work.

I was in my 20s then, a student and a care aide, I worked most holidays because I was either too low in seniority or I needed the money. For me, family day was just a painful reminder that my parents and siblings lived miles away and I was too busy for a trip. I was so busy and stressed that whenever I had free time I would panic in trying to figure out how to spend it. I needed family day and family.

Since then I have learned that regular sabbath pauses rather than break neck busyness lead to better productivity. And I have learned that family extends beyond the biological. (Although I have to say I am grateful that my natural family lives closer together these days).

Christmas is over but I still say may your day be merry and bright with whoever you find yourself with today. And may you know God the Father who loves to welcome people into his family and give the weary rest.

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