Happy Mother’s Day! When I was thinking about writing for this holiday I was overwhelmed with the literary possibilities- My Mom, me as a mom, the history of the holiday. How the day looks different for everyone and can bring pain as well as joy.

I am supposed to be sleeping in right now. The one gift for the day that I requested. But my mind was racing especially after enduring Elaina’s dramatic dislike of being taken away from me. Although I am 100% sure that at this moment she is having a wonderful time out for a stroller walk with her dad

The picture above is one that I painted and cut and pasted while in the deep end of newborn care. With little sleep and constant demands I needed some lifeline reminders.

And that simple verse says so much. “As a mother comforts her children so I will comfort you.”

My mom gave up a lot of sleep both when I was little and when I was 29 and moved back home at one of the lowest points of my life. Her fierce tenacity in pursuing hope and joy in the midst of trouble is breathtaking.

As a child I had a lot of bad dreams, and I still remember my Mom praying “a hedge of protection” around me. It sounded like one big magic word, “hedgeaprotection” and peace soon won out over fear as I became aware of the presence of God.

Many moms now know the challenges of homeschooling. When my older brother was struggling in Kindergarten she took on the role of teacher as well as Mom until I was in highschool.

I remember screaming at my mom when I didn’t understand a math problem. She was patient and didn’t scream back. She gave me the comforting tools of reading and writing and art which are helping me even now as my mind relaxes while I type.

There were times when my Mom couldn’t be there for me which was hard to accept. There comes a point in every child’s life that they realize the humanness and limitations of their parents. Which now as a mom actually gives me hope. I cannot be everything to Elaina. Her screams this morning testify to that.

Well, they are home from their walk and I will soon get up. How do I wrap up these early scrambled thoughts into a neat package? I pray for you that you will experience this God of comfort who created mothers and daughters and sons and whose promise of comfort is sure.

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