Song Flower story

There was a season when I did not want to live.. life was painful and awkward and I hated who I was.  I created Song Flower because many reached out to me and offered love and hope and helped me to rewrite the story in my heart.   I am glad to be alive and glad to be here.

Instead of hating myself, I delight in the knowledge that my Creator knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I love the quirky colourful person that I see in the mirror and the stories in her heart.

Whatever season you find yourself in, I hope that you will be encouraged, entertained and empowered by the tales  here at Song Flower.  You will find everything from overseas travel to local park adventures; commentary of children’s talk and ancient literature; faith and funny; childhood memories and marriage moments… and other random collection of words that find themselves on the page.

May your step be a little lighter and your eyes a little brighter in this weird and wonderful thing called life.

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